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ATU Local 569 Action Committee Members

Sent by: atu569   on: 22 ott '11   in: News

Dear Sisters and Brothers of ATU Local 569,

The Action Committee of our local has formed!  In partnership with the International Union, we began on August 26, 2014 and are now strategizing around the issue of getting air conditioning in the entire ETS fleet. 

But this isn’t the only issue around which to organize.  It connects with so many other important issues. Our members are concerned about reducing assaults on Transit workers, achieving personal needs relief in our schedules and many more important issues. So the AC committee will have a much broader mandate and will be called the Action Committee.

Regarding air conditioning – we are currently researching the status of air conditioning for buses in the current and upcoming 2015 budgets. Remember, November is budget month at City Council; now is the time to lobby Councillors for any budget items, including air conditioning in buses. This is a first step, and many more will follow.
  Increasing the numbers of involved and active members, both from within our local and out in the greater community, will increase our power to take action and effect change. Building a stronger framework of participation is the way we will tackle present, and future, important issues.

To help build coalitions with rider groups and solidarity among ourselves, ATU Local 569, in conjunction with ATU International, will soon be providing training opportunities for those of us who want to be more involved and effective union activists. We are tentatively planning for this to take place Saturday of October 11, 2014. 

Stay tuned for more information on the training and be sure to attend our next Action Committee meeting on Thursday, September 18, 7 pm. Look for a notice in the upcoming newsletter and please come, bring your ATU member friends, and get active!

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