Western Standard Propaganda


A far-right propaganda outlet posing as journalists is soliciting gripes and complaints from ETS Operators with which to harass Mayor Sohi. We all want better safety and security on our Transit System and much effort is being expended to get us there. In the meantime, this so-called “news source” is promising anonymity and confidentiality to Operators who share stories with them. Let’s be clear: once you provide your personal information to them, it is out of your control. And you’ll be in their database and on their mailing list.

Please remember that the Code of Conduct is still in play. Anything you say can and will be used against you. People have been fired from ETS for simple slips on their social media. PLEASE, let your Union do the speaking for you.

In December’s budget deliberations, funding was put in place for 35 new TPOs. This will reduce the amount of overtime fatigue in the corps, enhance the COTT teams, the T-CATs. They also put up funding for more affordable housing, emergency housing. But we need the Federal and Provincial governments to step in and do their part. The City is limited by the budget the Province allows them, but they’re doing their best.

Please let your Union speak on your behalf.

Stronger Together!