Alberta’s greatest resource is….


Instead of facing voters in the open seat in Calgary, Danielle Smith forced an MLA to resign and left working families in Calgary without a representative.

Today we launched a new ad—to remind Danielle Smith and every politician who wants our vote—that workers are Alberta’s greatest resource. It’s our work that keeps our communities running.

Getting the economy back on track starts with respecting and supporting the hardworking people that built this province. Alberta’s provincial leaders can’t keep putting our priorities aside. We’re demanding better for workers and families.

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When we have stable, well-paying jobs and everyone pays their fair share, our province thrives. We all need to be able to support our families, shop in our neighbourhoods, rely on good public services, and look forward to a secure retirement.

Let’s remind everyone who is running that we’ve raised the bar for the next election.

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In solidarity,

Gil McGowan
Alberta Federation of Labour