ATU Members Support Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has hit many of us hard.  Some of the hardest hit are our members who have a direct link to Ukraine as it’s their homeland. Others have friends and family just trying to manage life in the war torn country.  Early on in the war two ATU Local 569 members and fellow bus operators Lotars Stemms and Ruslan Dyedkov took matters into their own hands. They began fundraising and sending equipment, supplies and clothing directly to the Ukrainian military.  They approached a small group of Transit Peace Officers to see if we could aid in collecting some unused gloves, cases/pouches, duty belts, safety glasses, hunting camouflage, binoculars etc.

We managed to collect a suitcase full of supplies, which you can see in the video, and sent it directly to Ruslan’s contacts on the frontlines.  Following are some photos of our items directly in the hands of Ukrainian fighters.  The Ukrainian fighters are on the frontlines to protect themselves, Europe and the rest of the world from Putin’s regime.  Together we can make a difference and help the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom.

Ruslan is still looking for further funding and specific items requested by his fellow countrymen.  To donate or for more details please contact Ruslan directly at or 780-708-3371.