CSU 52 Update


As many of you will know, our Coalition partner, CSU 52 is in a difficult battle with the City of Edmonton. ATU stands with the members of CSU 52 in their fight for a fair deal. Here’s a brief guide for ATU members who may be affected by a potential work stoppage at CSU:

  1. If CSU members are on strike or locked out, ATU members are still expected to be at work doing our jobs.
  2. The Labour Relations Code Sec. 1(f) directs that you are NOT required to do the work of CSU members. If you’re told to do their work, please call Daryll (780 915 8176), Damir (587 591 4548), Dan (780 983 8426) or Raj (587 989 9663) immediately.
  3. If there is a picket line, please wait until you have permission from the picket Captain before you cross.
  4. Offer your encouragement and support to CSU members and let them know that ATU stands with them.
  5. ATU is going in to bargaining now and we need to support each other as much as possible.

If there are any problems, call the office, 780 426 6136, myself at 587-591-4569 or Daryll, Dan, Damir or Raj.

Stronger Together!