Meetings on Personal Time

Have you every been caught by a Supervisor at the end of your shift and told to come to a meeting? Those “quick little meetings” that sometime take a half hour to an hour of your personal time? An investigation of a customer complaint, for example? Or to receive discipline? Without any pay? Well, times are changing.

Following a lengthy grievance process about this practice, Edmonton Transit and the Union have come to a resolution. Beginning immediately and going forward, those “quick little meetings” will be on paid time. Here are the parameters:

  • If a supervisor or other requires you to attend a meeting after you’re off-the-clock, or before you go on-the-clock, they will pay you for your time.
  • The pay will be at your regular rate and time-and-a-half IF overtime is triggered.
  • The Supervisor may not offer it. YOU SHOULD ASK.
  • Attendance at Safety Review Board hearings is included.
  • Attendance at grievance hearings is NOT included. Grievances are considered to be initiated by the member, NOT the City; therefore the City is not required to pay you for attending them.

Congratulations to Daryll Miller and the Operations Team for getting a resolution to this long-standing problem. Every other worker for the City has these meetings held on paid time. Operators should have the same courtesy.

If you have any questions, Daryll has the answers. If you are denied the pay, please don’t argue about it – just give the office a call with the details – who, what, where, when, why – and we’ll get on it.

Stronger Together!