Responding to Service Cancellations

In response to record high absenteeism and after consultations with ATU Local 569, Edmonton Transit will begin placing Operator-trained people from senior positions into the driver’s seats of buses. What, exactly does this mean?

  • When Dispatch has completely run out of regular operators and service has to be cancelled, they may a place Dispatcher, Inspector, or Trainer on a piece of work. This can only happen after every operator who wants work has work.
  • To be eligible, they must be ATU Local 569 members, have kept up their class 2 and have driven in service within the past 6 months or take re-training.
  • They must be in Operator uniform if they have one or their regular uniform if they do not have an operator uniform.

This is a temporary measure to get the system through a difficult period and the Union has agreed to it.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or note any exceptions to this process.

In Solidarity,