What’s Up at DATS?


By now, you’ll have heard from media sources or just from word-of-mouth around our workplaces, that DATS members have taken a strike vote. It happened at a special meeting on Saturday April 01. And it was unanimous. But it doesn’t mean that we’re grabbing signs and headed for the picket line. No, not yet, at least.

We have an outstanding Offer To Settle that needs to be dealt with. If the City denies the Offer, we’re back in mediation. Once mediation closes, if we still don’t have a deal, there’s a 14-day cooling of period. Then, when we’re ready, we can serve a 3-day notice. So, we’re a long way from any job action.

But the City now knows that we mean business if they persist in refusing to negotiate on money. Now’s the time for everybody to stand tall with our DATS Brothers and Sisters.