ATU 569 Supports CSU 52 members in their dispute with the City of Edmonton


The dispute between our Sister Union CSU 52 and the City is heating up. Last week, CSU members at Edmonton Public Library held a strike vote. Most eligible members voted. And most of those who voted , voted yes. Through the weekend, CSU members working directly for the City also held a strike vote. It’s expected that this vote will be as strong as the Library vote.

Meanwhile, the City has made an end run around CSU and invoked the Labour Relations Board to hold a member vote on its last offer – a 5-year deal totaling 7.25%! If they get away with this, they will surely expect to force it on our table as well. Last Thursday, the City issued a Lockout Notice to CSU! This is a strategy to try to nullify their Collective Agreement. It’s Hard Ball now.

What it Means to ATU Members.

  1. ATU supports its Coalition partner. Full Stop. If we don’t stand together now, we all go down together.
  2. We are not on strike or lockout. We still have to go to work.
  3. If there’s a picket line where we work, we wait until we have permission from the Picket Captain to cross, then we go to work.
  4. We make time on our off-hours to walk the picket with our partners and offer whatever encouragement we can.

At ATU, over the past 5 years, we’ve had increases of 0-0-0-1-2. That’s 3% over five years. Inflation over the same period has been closer to 17%. CSU is leading the pack for a fair wage increase. It’s our role to support their courage in whatever legal way we can.

We are all Stronger Together!