What Working Relationship?


ATU and the Transit and Fleet administration have worked very closely over recent years to solve problems and advance the important service that we’re jointly responsible to provide. Nothing is ever perfect, but I can’t understate the importance of this very collaborative working relationship.

The same is not the case at the senior administration level. The City routinely blocks the unions from important information, citing “FOIP”. They attempt to muzzle us by disciplining elected reps for speaking facts to the media. They’ve pushed our Sister Local, CSU 52 to the brink of strike. They pretend inflation is not an important factor in negotiations.

The Coalition has had enough. Last week we served notice on the City that we are no longer party to the Working Relationships Agreement. This long standing document, signed by generations of leaders in both the Unions and the administration was and is no longer a guide in how business is done in the City of Edmonton.

Our letter withdrawing from the Agreement is below, along with a brief history of the WRA. Please take a couple of minutes to read and understand the impact of this very serous step.

Letter Regarding Working Relationship Agreement

History of the WRA

Stronger Together,