CSU 52 Strike Action

Our Sister Local, Civic Service Union 52, is set to commence their strike action at 1100h on Thursday, March 14. That’s Thursday this week.

Here is the ATU guide to how to react at a picket line.

  1. We support our Sister Local, CSU, in their drive for a fair agreement. Full stop.
  2. Our collective agreement is clear that there will be “no strike or lockout while this Agreement is in force.” This means, as we are not on strike, we are required to report for work as usual.
  3. We DO NOT do any work that is CSU members’ work. If we’re asked to, we call the Union immediately.
  4. If we encounter a picket line, we show respect. Come a bit early so you can walk their line with them for a few minutes. ASK PERMISSION TO CROSS. Then go to work.
  5. If no one is prepared to permit your crossing, contact the Union office immediately:

Steve 587 591 4569, Daryll 780-915-8176, Damir 587-591-4548, Dan 780-983-8426, Raj 587-989-9663.

What comes out of this courageous action by our Coalition partner will most CERTAINLY drive the discourse at our own negotiations. We need to stand tall with CSU to make sure they get a fair deal.

Picket schedule shows pickets planned for:

Kathleen Andrews Garage

12403 Fort Road – 4:00 am – 6:00 pm

Please use your best judgement and cooperation at these picket lines. If other pickets are planned, we will advise quickly.

If you would like to walk the picket line with CSU52 here is a link to their schedule. Find a location that is convenient to you and give them some support.


Stronger Together!