Your Union at Work: LTD Premiums to Drop

LTD Premiums Getting You Down? Here’s some good news!

ATU has been working hard at the bargaining table and in directing the City on best practice in administering our LTD Plan. Remember, we pay 100% of the cost of the LTD Plan (the City pays 100% of the STD Plan), so, when costs go up, premiums have to go up as well. In the current high-stress environment of our workplaces, mismanagement of the Plan and rising mental health issues among other factors, have driven our LTD premiums higher and higher. The first two years of COVID, 2020 and 2021, saw our rates rise to their highest point ever, at 3.25%.

Now, measures taken during the last round of bargaining are paying off. In our annual review of the Plan with the actuators this week, it was decided to LOWER the rates from the current 3.14% of payroll to 2.98% – the second straight annual reduction in our rates. It seems a slight change, but it WILL matter on your pay stub and going forward. Of note, CUPE and CSU, who have NOT taken action to curb the rise, are still seeing rising rates, approaching 4.00%.


Image by pressfoto on Freepik